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Step Up Your Networking Game!

First impressions are unforgettable.

Our NFC solutions makes it easy to share fully customized profiles containing links, photos, contact information, and more — straight to someone’s phone or inbox. They don’t need to download any app!

Top Tier NFC Products provider in Jordan!

NFC Cards, Tags, Stands and more!

Our Services

Providing NFC supported solutions for individuals & companies 

NFC Business Cards

Supercharge your networking game and elevate customer experience with our innovative and eco-friendly digital business cards! These reusable digital cards are designed to revolutionize how you connect with others and leave a lasting impression. Step up your networking prowess and enhance customer interactions with our cutting-edge solution.

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NFC Tags

Elevate your networking game with our cutting-edge NFC tags! These sleek tags stick securely to any surface using premium 3M tape. Exchange contact info, portfolios, and more with a simple tap. Update and reuse them effortlessly. Designed for durability, they withstand everyday wear and tear. Experience the future of networking. Order your NFC tags now!

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NFC Hubs

Elevate your business's online presence with our innovative NFC Hubs! These PVC stands are designed for businesses, restaurants, pharmacies, and more. With an integrated NFC chip, they effortlessly redirect customers to your social media profiles, menus, and other links. Crafted for durability and style, our NFC Hubs add sophistication to your location. Boost customer engagement and stay ahead of the competition. Invest in NFC technology today!